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Get your kids back into the school sleep routine

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This week marks the start of a new era in your little one’s lives. A new September, a new year school year, new friends, new information and new teachers. Therefore, sleep may not be high on their agenda at all!

If, you need a little help getting your kids back into a better sleep routine to keep them alert and full of energy for the new school term, then here are some simple ideas to consider:

Be consistent

If there is one thing that’s proven to work with kids, it’s consistency. It is often tempting to stray from the rules that you usually set if it is going to be easier and involves less moaning, however, if you want your kids to respect your rules, then you yourself have to stick to them.

With it being week one of the term, it might be worth chatting over dinner and setting some new house rules for the new school season. Agree on a timeframe of when they can use technology, what time homework should be done by and what time bedtime is so that everyone is happy with the schedule.

Weekends can be more relaxed, but during the week a consistent schedule will make life a lot easier to manage.

Create a great sleeping environment

If your kids love their bedroom and their sleep environment, then they are much more likely to be receptive about going to bed.

There are all sorts of amazing designs of bed available from cabin bunks to den beds and rocket or car designs for those mini imaginations. These can transform a bedroom interior as well as making things fun for your little one when it comes to night-time.

Fun kids bedding sets can also help to make bedtime a bit more entertaining. Choose from a range of boys or girls bedding sets, which could include their favourite book character or movie hero.

Scatter with some of their favourite cuddly toys and cushions and they are guaranteed to run to bed as soon as the clock strikes seven!

Avoid heavy meals and sugar before bedtime

It is important that kids go to bed with a full tummy so that they won’t wake up too early with hunger pains, however, it is equally important that they don’t go to bed having just eaten a very heavy meal, or something with a lot of salt or sugar in.

When you sleep just after eating a big meal, your body is busy digesting still, which can result in various issues, such as indigestion and stomach pain. Also, eating late increases chances of mental exhaustion and many people claim they have nightmares from late night food consumption or wake up more tired, which you definitely don’t want for your kids.

Small healthy snacks such as some dry cereal or plain crackers can be eaten about 30 – 40 minutes before bed as a good option to keep them satisfied through the night.

Limit screen time

We all battle with how much screen time is okay, but when it comes to children and sleep time, it is really important to have a significant break from screen time before going to bed.

Perhaps after homework allow half an hour or 45 minutes of TV or iPad time, and then allow for at least another half an hour of non-screen time reading a book or drawing before it’s time for lights out.

It is especially important to let children’s little minds switch off and become relaxed before they head to bed as the glow from an electronic device has been proven to delay the release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, so this could really affect their ability to go to drift off to sleep peacefully, which has a knock-on effect for the rest of the family.


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