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How to sleep cooler this August

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We all enjoy the warm weather, during the day, however, when it comes to sleep-time, the whole family will benefit from a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep. Here are our 5 top tips to keep your cool during the balmy summer nights:


  1. Bed Linen


When the night temperature is high, but you want to keep your body temperature low, then cotton sheets and pillow cases are the best option. A lightweight cotton sheet, Egyptian or otherwise, is breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom, so you will wake up feeling fresh and dry each morning. If you prefer a duvet, then consider a summer-weight duvet with a low tog rating. Anything below 7.5 is the best for warmer months. The best duvet covers for summer are 100% lightweight cotton and preferably lighter coloured shades.


  1. Pyjamas


You would think that sleeping with no clothing on when it is warm would help keep you cool, however, often the opposite is the reality as the body’s natural moisture can often stay on top of the skin, instead of being whisked away by the fabric from your night clothes. That said, less is definitely more when it comes to summertime pyjamas. Opt for a loose-fitting, soft cotton shirt and shorts, nightdress or oversized t-shirt, depending on your preference. Also make sure you wash your night clothes more frequently in summer than in the winter, to ensure they are kept clean and dry.


  1. Hydration


We are all encouraged to drink plenty of water each day to keep healthy, but during the summer months our body needs even more than usual. Tossing and turning at night can result in dehydration, so ensure that you drink a glass of water before going to bed to keep you fuelled up for the night ahead. Just eight ounces will do the trick, to ensure you don’t get the call of nature in the middle of the night!


  1. Cold Shower


A great way to prepare for a cooler night’s sleep is to take a cold shower before slipping into your pjs. Rinsing off under a stream of cool water will bring down your core body temperature and rinse off any moisture from the body, so you can get into your bed sheets feeling cool and clean.


  1. Room ventilation


The majority of British homes don’t have the need for air conditioning, however, during a heatwave, there is often a temporary need for extra ventilation in the bedroom. Opening windows doesn’t always have the complete desired effect, especially if there is no breeze in the atmosphere at the time. Therefore, to give extra ventilation, try positioning a fan across from your window, so that any cool air from outside will catch the fan to create a cooling cross-breeze throughout your bedroom.

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