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The Autumn Bedroom

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The orange leaves and the pockets full of conkers – autumn is most definitely here. Whether you’re preparing your guest room for visitors or thinking of updating your master bedroom interior, why don’t you embrace the shift in season and make some trendy autumn updates.

Here are some ideas to get you started…


A fairly neutral room interior can benefit from a lot of depth by incorporating a mix of tones and textures. Earthy wooden tones, shiny metallics and grainy stones can produce a harmonious and cosy atmosphere when used alongside one another in the same room. These additions don’t have to be expensive pieces of furniture or flooring - think about picture frames, mirrors and plant pots or vases to get the same great effect. Wallpaper is also another great way to add some texture to a bedroom.  Textured wallpaper can add interest to a large plain wall, making the overall appearance of your room a bit cosier, as can a geometric wallpaper or gold foil paper, which are both great, modern options for a more contemporary home.


Autumn wouldn’t be complete without layering yourself up with scarves, gloves and hats, so make sure you layer up your home in the same way! Soft duvet cover sets, fleece blankets and faux fur cushions can all add a luxury layer to your bed, which should make it slightly easier to get up on a cold autumn morning. Additional rugs can also add further layers of warmth and comfort, especially if you have wooden or laminate flooring in your bedroom, which many modern homes now do.

Warm colours

Definitely the most colourful season of the year, autumn is the ideal time to update the colour scheme of your bedroom. Instantly you will think about changing the wall colour, but it doesn’t always have to be so drastic. Opting for some colourful curtains, colourful bedding or coloured bed cushions can have just as good an effect, especially if teamed with other soft furnishings, artworks and frames. Embrace the berry reds, burnt oranges and golden browns that naturally associate with autumn for a perfect mix of warmth and richness.

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