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Anita Dijon Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

Designer: Ashley Wilde


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Contemporary pencil pleat curtains, decorated with hand-painted magnolia flowers on a 100% cotton base.

Anita Dijon curtains are fully lined (52% polyester, 48% cotton) with a slub-effect top.

Please note, tie-backs are not included but can be purchased separately.

 Textile Warehouse curtains are labelled in "width by drop", with the first number indicating the width of the curtain and the second measurement the length downwards. Measurements are per curtain.


How to measure your curtains

Curtain width

Fit your curtain pole or track first, 15-20cm's above the window and stretching 15-20cm's wider than your window on either side.

Measure your curtain rail to the length you wish your curtains to cover; for curtain poles, only measure between the finials on each side.

For the right amount of gathering, double the measurement of the length of your curtain track or pole. Add another 2.5cm to either side to ensure that your curtains will overlap neatly.

Curtain length

Also known as the "drop", there are 3 options to consider before measuring your curtain length.

Curtains hanging above a window sill should end 1cm above the sill.

Curtains hanging below a window sill should end 15cm below it.

Curtains hanging down to the floor should end 1cm above it.

Hanging curtains over radiators should end 2-3cm above the radiator so that heat doesn't escape behind the curtain.

Measure from the bottom of the eyelet on the curtain ring for pencil pleat curtains.

Windowsills and floors can be uneven; counter this by taking measurements from different points and use the shortest as the correct length for your curtains.


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